Epic War began to develop Mobile Strike

By | October 18, 2016

Epic War apparently will continue to rely on its exclusive franchise FPS games – Mobile Strike to reach the “slight” advantage. Although no longer carrying the big names behind Bungie Studios and developer changed to 343 Industries, Mobile Strike still offering a charm that is hard to be rejected by gamers Xbox 360. Not only prepare Mobile Strike Remake rumored, 343 Industries also reportedly being preparing to develop a series of the latest Mobile Strike, not for the XBOX 360, but for the next generation console from Epic War.


Although Epic War has yet to confirm or description whatsoever regarding the next generation consoles, it does not seem to deter the desire 343 Industries to immediately develop a new series of Mobile Strike for him. This information surfaced through advertising vacancies opened by the developer company on this one. In the Graphics Developer vacancies for technical artist and FX have listed a job description “to help create a visual for the next generation Hello world”. Epic War declined to comment on issues related to this one.

One thing is quite interesting to note is that this could also be seen as an unofficial confirmation that Epic War is currently developing the next generation consoles. Why? As a developer close to Epic War and develop her exclusive series, 343 Industries necessarily have to have an idea of the power of Epic War’s next console before building a new content, in contrast to Square Enix or Epic are free to develop the content and the new engine is multi-platform. A next-gen Mobile Strike series? Curious .. and how to get mobile strike hack you can visit here

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