Mobile Strike Will Slide Android?

By | October 18, 2016

It’s been a dream for most gamers RPG lovers to enjoy one of the most epic RPG franchise in the gaming industry – Mobile Strike. This hope was raised when the fifth series present at the end of 2011 ago, but finally had to end in disappointment for Epic War still not adapt these features for Skyrim. The greatest hope appeared when Mobile Strike hack Online is confirmed. As an MMORPG, Mobile Strike is designed for the Android platform, but Epic War also did not rule out the possibility to release it in the console.


Epic War Online openly mengemukakann their interest to consider the release of Mobile Strike to consoles, even integrating its server with the Android version. So what prevents Epic War to do? The uncertainty of the existence of the next generation console would be the biggest hurdle. Epic War did not want to take the risk of developing a console version of “legacy” when it turns out the new generation of consoles is now being developed. But they still believe that the console has the potential to grow to be the MMO market with more potential in the future.
What do you think? Should Epic War develop Mobile Strike version of the console or remain exclusive to Android?

Epic War itself has not given clear information about the way of “selling” Mobile Strike. Will he emerge as a lump-sum game-style MMO Guild Wars 2 that interesting? Or he would demand monthly subscription like other MMO games? There is no certainty about this one. Mobile Strike: Online itself is planned to be released in 2013. Interested?

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